Competitive Gymnastics:

Our competitive team is an USAG affiliated program. Our gymnasts begin competing at level 2 and as young as 5 years old!  Our competitive gymnastics  program continues through the optional levels. We participate in the Xcel program and in a non-sanctioned program in Southwestern Ohio. Our competitive team competes locally as well as in Ohio, Indianapolis, and Tennessee. Our gymnasts do fundraising events to offset the prices of competitions and travel. Our competitive gymnasts train in the gym between 5 and 18 hours a week. For more information including pricing for our competitive gymnastics team please contact us.

Level 2 – Train 5 hours per week. 

Tifani, Olivia, Bree, Ella, Jaycee, Layla, Madison

Level 3 - Train 8.5 hours per week

Page, Mariah, Maddie W, Taylor, Audi, Mia

Level 4 - Train 13.5 hours per week

Kenlee, Ava, Faith, Isabelle, Kylie, Lilyana, Lily R., Malieghna

Level 6 – Train 15 hours per week

Brynn, Lilly P, Soraya, Olivia, Baylee

Level 9 – Train 18 hours per week


Competitive Gymnastics Class Schedules:

Monday-Thursday (5:30-7:30pm)

Saturday (8:30-11:30am)